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Paper tray, printing problems related to paper

October 29, 2019

Latest company news about Paper tray, printing problems related to paper

The quality of the face paper should be strictly controlled. The strength, tightness, elongation, flatness, gloss, whiteness and other indicators of the paper should be tested when entering the factory, and ensure that the requirements are met.

The color of the paper will affect the printing effect of the main color. The uniformity of the coating and the flatness of the calender have a great influence on the printing of the mesh. It is easy to cause the inconsistency of the flat screen printing, especially the network of 3 to 60%. The tone is the most sensitive.


Wrinkles can occur when the deformed paper is printed. The humidity in the workshop should be adjusted to restore the water content of the paper. It is difficult to convey the paper with curved paper. The air volume of the paper blowing nozzle and the nozzle should be adjusted according to the degree of bending of the paper, and the strength of the paper feeding roller should be appropriately increased to ensure good paper feeding. Also note that the fiber direction of the tissue should be perpendicular to the corrugated direction of the box when printing. For products that need to be printed twice, the paper should be loosened on time after printing, and tightly packed after the initial drying to prevent the paper from being deformed and affecting the overprint.


For the powder-removed paper, the viscosity of the ink can be appropriately reduced or the printing pressure can be appropriately reduced to compensate, and the layout with the least pattern text is arranged in the first color group, so that the paper powder and the paper wool are stained as much as possible when printing the first color. And the printing speed should not be too fast, but also wash the blanket. For some papers with heavy powder and heavy hair loss, taking prepress pressure or pre-printing a layer of anti-adhesive agent (adding a small amount of white ink) can solve the problem to a certain extent, but in terms of materials, energy, time, etc. The consumption will undoubtedly increase the cost, and various problems will still occur in the post-press processing.

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