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Which industry packaging is suitable for kraft paper boxes?

October 29, 2019

Latest company case about Which industry packaging is suitable for kraft paper boxes?

Kraft paper is widely used in various packaging products, paper bags, handbag kraft paper, color box, gift box kraft paper, printed kraft paper, notebook kraft paper, work paper kraft paper, envelope special kraft paper and so on.


The packaging of food should follow the principle of convenience and portability. The anti-stretching advantage of kraft paper box makes it very suitable for packaging needs. In order to prevent the bag from being pulled off when the consumer takes out the food, the kraft paper box requires good tensile strength; the beverage packaging requires that the kraft paper box has a certain resistance to moisture and deformation, and prevents water absorption deformation and damage.


For the packaging of frozen foods, the use of high-strength materials as packaging is also the key consideration. This material must withstand the thermal expansion and contraction during low temperature freezing and high temperature melting to prevent deformation, distortion, wrinkling and excessive moisture absorption. The situation of loading food. From these perspectives, primary color kraft paper is even more suitable than SBS paper.


Pressed kraft paper is mainly used in the pressing process of FPC, PCB, CCL and other industries. It plays the role of heat preservation, water absorption, decompression, buffering and heat transfer during the pressing process. The weight is complete, providing 190g/m² 220g/m² 254g/m² and other gram weights, and can provide customers with customized production services from 190g/m² to 450g/m²


1. The paper is flat and clean. Do not allow folding, wrinkles, holes, sand, etc. to avoid affecting the quality of the platen.

2. Good thermocompression and high flatness, significantly improve the quality of the press and improve the product yield.

3. The heat transfer performance is stable, uniform and non-fluctuating, and the heat transfer rate is moderate.

4. The web end is flat and there are no more than 2 paper joints per roll.

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