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Gift boxes, corrugated boxes, etc.

October 29, 2019

Latest company news about Gift boxes, corrugated boxes, etc.

(1) The easiest and most reliable method is to replace the high-density facial tissue, which can obviously eliminate the seesaw phenomenon, but this will increase the cost and increase the price of the color box. If the user can accept it and use it, if it is unacceptable, consider using other methods.


(2) Improve the solid content of the corn starch binder and reduce the amount of glue applied, so that the color paper absorbed by the colored paper during the crater process is less, thereby improving the "seesaw" phenomenon of the gift box and the corrugated board.


(3) When cutting the paper, ensure that the straight thread of the paper and the direction of the corrugated box are “ten”, which can greatly improve the “squatting” phenomenon.

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